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About Us

Talking Dog is proud to offer expertise in VR, AR, Mixed Reality, games, and apps. The next time you’re in Regina, Canada, be sure to visit the RCMP Heritage Centre to try out Talking Dog’s amazing new Musical Ride VR installation. Visitors to the Centre can have the unique experience of being able to walk into a barn environment, climb onto a saddle, put on a VR headset, and not just see and hear, but feel what it’s like to be a rider in the RCMP Musical Ride.

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360 Event Videography

January 12

360 Event Videography captures your special moments from every angle. You’ll able to watch them again and again, seeing something new with every viewing! Our beautiful 360 degree videos of your event can be seen using a computer, a phone, a tablet, or even virtual reality headsets. Bring those special moments back to life, any time, […]

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Virtual and Mixed Reality

March 9

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Interactive Touchscreens

January 9

Using a touchscreen, we give the user to satisfying interactive experience and guide them with 2D or 3D environments to explore.

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App and Game Development

January 8

App Development – Ranging from game based, informative, or business driven, Talking Dog works with the client to develop an app that delivers the desired effect. Talking Dog can also assist with getting apps Apple approved and published in the app store. Legislative Kiosk Games

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Audio and Music Services

January 6

Talking Dog’s audio services include film and television post-production, radio ad production, and audio recording and mastering. Currently Talking Dog is the only Dolby-authorized 5.1 facility between Winnipeg and Vancouver.

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